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Wrist Splint

Small Left - Product code: XFT-005 | Medium Left - Product code: XFT-006 | Large Left - Product code: XFT-007 | X-Large Left - Product code: XFT-097 | Small Right - Product code: XFT-008 | Medium Right - Product code: XFT-009 | Large Right - Product code: XFT-010 | X-Large Right - Product code: XFT-098

Designed to hold a damaged wrist in the optimum healing position,whilst easing pain and making everyday tasks easier to perform.

  • Made from high quality neoprene rubber, providing constant uniform compression and support
  • Features an enclosed aluminium panel providing additional stability and support
  • Generates and retains warmth, which increases blood circulation to the injured area promoting healing and comfort
Code Description
Wrist measurement
XFT-008 Small, Right
 13-16.5cm (5- 6.5”)
Small, Left
13-16.5cm (5- 6.5”)
Medium, Right
16.5-20cm (6.5- 8”)
Medium, Left
16.5-20cm (6.5- 8”)
Large, Right
20-24cm (8- 9.5”)
Large, Left
20-24cm (8- 9.5”)
X-Large, Right
24-28cm (9.5- 11”)
X-Large, Left
24-28cm (9.5- 11”)

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