Hints and Tips

I have completed this section to highlight some of the common issues and scenarios I receive calls and queries about;

of course, please feel free to E mail me if you have further questions- I am always happy to offer you my advice and suggestions on products and equipment.


If you have not been assessed by an Occupational Therapist, you can request an assessment through the Local Authority/ Social Services; contact your local Social Services department to refer yourself, or ask your GP for help with a referral. I would always encourage you to seek an assessment to see what help may be available to you in your area. There may be a wait for an assessment in some areas.

If you prefer, you can find information on Independent Occupational Therapists to complete an assessment on a private basis (which you would pay for privately) through 'The College Of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section- Independent Practice.'


The above link will take you to their website where you can complete a search via their online directory of State Registered Occupational Therapists in Independent Practice.

Please note that the views on this site are intended as advice and information relating to products and equipment; if you have a medical condition, you must always seek the advice of you GP/doctor. Product information provides guidelines relating to use, but you must always follow the user instructions supplied with a product. Your individual circumstances will affect the appropriateness of a piece of equipment, therefore the advice provided can only be viewed as general guidelines.