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Visco Memory Pillows

Memory pillow Royal size: PLLW921 - Product code: PLLW921 | Memory pillow King size: PLLW922 - Product code: PLLW922

Relieve neck pain, headaches, back pain and disturbed sleep.

  • Deluxe pillows react to your body heat and automatically mould to cradle your head, support your neck, and correctly align your spine
  • Made from the latest visco memory material; as you move, the pillow will continually readjust
  • Choose the Royal for single pillow height, or the King for double pillow height

PLLW921 Royal (if you sleep on one pillow):- 52 x 31 x 13cm (20.5 x 12 x 5")
PLLW922 King (if you sleep on two pillows):- 58 x 33.5 x 15cm (23 x 13 x 6")

Visco Memory Pillows ( From:
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