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The Hydrant

The Hydrant - Product code: XA-50062 | Replacement Hose and Bite Valve - Product code: XA-50064

One of the biggest causes of dehydration, and associated problems such as urinary tract infections and constipation, is not lack of fluid but lack of easy access to that fluid without calling for help. The Hydrant solves this issue very simply through an ingenious cap/handle/clip mechanism enabling the user to hang it, hook it or clip it....almost anywhere!

  • Silver Medal in the Nursing Times Product Awards 2010- Dignity and Daily Living category
  • Gives the user 24hr independence and freedom
  • Prevents dehydration through instant access to drinks
  • Fluid monitoring available at all times
  • Easy to use, easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • No drips, no spillage, sealed system prevents contamination
  • Clips, hangs, or hooks onto beds, wheelchairs, chairs, car seats, in fact pretty much anywhere....
  • To use- simply bite the valve and suck fluid through the tube
  • Works as a siphon if hung above head height- this helps those with limited sucking ability as fluid gently flows when the valve is activated
  • Standard issue equipment in places like Stoke Mandeville Hospital and the Headley Court Military Rehabilitation Unit
  • It is having a hugely positive impact in the community for many people who are wheelchair or bed bound
  • System comprises of- sports drinking bottle, cap/handle/clip, 1.2m drinking tube, bite valve and clothing clip to attach the tube to clothing as needed
  • 1 litre capacity
  • A replacement/ spare 1.2m tube/ hose with bite valve is available- product code XA-50064.

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