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Telescopic suitcase ramps

Telescopic suitcase ramp length 1.8m: RAMP818 - Product code: RAMP818 | Telescopic suitcase ramp length 2.1m: RAMP821 - Product code: RAMP821 | Telescopic suitcase ramp length 2.4m: RAMP824 - Product code: RAMP824 | Telescopic suitcase ramp length 3m: RAMP830 - Product code: RAMP830

These Stepless™ single piece, wide style ramps, are made from aluminium offering superb strength, whilst being lightweight to provide portability.

The wide style of suitcase ramps enables easy use with wheelchairs, powerchairs and scooters with simple alignment as you approach the ramp. Attendants pushing a wheelchair up the ramp will find the wide style easier to negotiate as they can walk on the ramp itself. These telescopic options provide the added advantage of being able to store the ramp at a shorter length.

  • Very light for their size
  • Fold vertically down the centre, and have a convenient handle so you can carry just like a suitcase
  • Unique tread for secure grip
  • Easy to unfold and position
  • Convenient pre-drilled holes for fixing to the floor if required
  • Available in 4 telescopic lengths:- 1.8m*, 2.1m*, 2.4m*, and 3m*. *length when fully open

Maximum load 325kg up to 2.4m, and 3m is 200kg. For full details download the Technical Specifications PDF. For shorter length options., please see plain length suitcase ramps ranging from 0.9m to 1.8m.

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