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Richard Richie Slippers

Navy. Size 6 - Product code: CFT3626 | Navy. Size 7 - Product code: CFT3627 | Navy. Size 8 - Product code: CFT3628 | Navy. Size 9 - Product code: CFT3629 | Navy. Size 10 - Product code: CFT36210 | Navy. Size 11 - Product code: CFT36211 | Navy. Size 12 - Product code: CFT36212 | Navy. Size 13 - Product code: CFT36213 | Brown. Size 6 - Product code: CFT3646 | Brown. Size 7 - Product code: CFT3647 | Brown. Size 8 - Product code: CFT3648 | Brown. Size 9 - Product code: CFT3649 | Brown. Size 10 - Product code: CFT36410 | Brown. Size 11 - Product code: CFT36411 | Brown. Size 12 - Product code: CFT36412 | Brown. Size 13 - Product code: CFT36413

'Richard/ Richie' style does the job of an extra roomy slipper perfectly. Wide and deep, easy to put on, it's accommodating and adjustable. Why we like Richard/Richie

  • Seam free toe area
  • Fabric gives to accommodate swollen feet, bunions or hammer toes
  • Secure Velcro® fastening for flexible fit
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees celsius
  • Available in sizes 6 to 13*
  • Wear them indoors and out
  • Trilobal uppers provide a secure fit; the Velcro® fastenings provide a really secure fit, whatever your foot shape. The straps stick very firmly to the Velcro® and can also be stuck to the slipper fabric, so that if one foot is much less swollen than the other, both will be comfortably and securely supported.
  • Available in 2 colours:- Navy or Brown. *


Cosyfeet is much roomier than any other footwear so there is no need to order a larger shoe size than normal just to get the extra width and depth you need.

In our experience from fitting customers, many customers had begun to purchase footwear a size larger to accommodate the swelling they are experiencing. So, say Mr Smith always wore a Size 9, but when he began having problems with swollen feet he started wearing a Size 10 in standard slippers as it was the only way he could get them to fit! If Mr Smith now buys Cosyfeet slippers, he will be able to return to his original Size 9 as the extra width and depth is included in his original size. So, buy what used to be your original size before you started to experience swollen feet.

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