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Pro Seal Cast and Bandage Protectors

Pro Seal- Hand: CAST001 - Product code: CAST001 | Pro Seal- Short Arm: CAST002 - Product code: CAST002 | Pro Seal- Long Arm: CAST003 - Product code: CAST003 | Pro Seal- Short Leg: CAST004 - Product code: CAST004 | Pro Seal- Long Leg: CAST005 - Product code: CAST005 | Pro Seal- Foot/ Ankle: CAST006 - Product code: CAST006

These comfortable waterproof protectors simply slip over the cast or dressing to protect them when taking a bath or shower.

  • Re-useable and intended for one person use
  • Not suitable for use with open or undressed wounds, or when swimming

Choose from:
Hand- Length 12" (305mm)
Short Arm- Length 22" (560mm)
Long Arm- Length 39" (990mm)
Short Leg- Length 23" (590mm)
Long Leg- Length 40" (1016mm)
Foot/ Ankle- Length 10" (254mm)

Pro Seal Cast and Bandage Protectors ( From:
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