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NEW- Telescopic Channel Ramps from Stepless™

1m Telescopic Channel Ramp (Pair): RAMP310G - Product code: RAMP310G | 1.2m Telescopic Channel Ramp (Pair): RAMP312G - Product code: RAMP312G | 2m Telescopic Channel Ramp (Pair): RAMP320G - Product code: RAMP320G

These ramps have an adjustable length, making them easy to store and to transport – and just as simple to extend and secure in position when they are needed

Stepless telescopic ramps feature the following benefits:

  • End caps that prevent the ramp from slipping during use, and serve as shock absorbers during transport
  • Softly rounded, folding handles that feel comfortable when lifting and carrying the ramp
  • High safety – can support heavy loads
  • An integrated non-skid surface that is extremely hard-wearing and provides sure footing in almost all conditions
  • Holes for drainage
  • Maintenance-free – anodised aluminium profiles for increased stability and strength
  • Attractive, functional design
  • Easy to shut closed for storage and transport


We always recommend using the longest ramp possible – the longer the ramp, the gentler the gradient and the easier the ramp is to negotiate; see gradient guidance below to see which ramp length is suitable for the overall height you are negotiating. Different ramp options may need to be considered.

Choosing a ramp length:

Generally speaking, the manufacturer recommends the following ramp lengths in relation to the stated gradients:

User-operated manual wheelchair: maximum gradient 1:7. (for every mm of step height, you should allow 7mm of ramp length. For example, a 250mm height would require at least 1750mm of ramp length)

Helper-assisted manual wheelchair and electric wheelchair: maximum gradient 1:5. (for every mm of height, you should allow 5mm of ramp length. For example, a 200mm height would require at least 1000mm of ramp length).

Technical Specifications

 Product Code Description Max/Min Length mm Inner width mm Outer width max mm Max Load per PAIR kg Weight EACH Channel Ramp kg
RAMP310G 1m Telescopic Channel Ramps
(ref 30016-090)
840/580 190 235 400 2.8
RAMP312G 1.2m Telescopic Channel Ramps
(ref 30016-120)
1130/750 190 235 400 3.7
RAMP320G 2m Telescopic Channel Ramps
(ref 30016-200)
1960/1160 190 235 300 5.6


For a longer 3m length Telescopic Channel Ramp option, please search code RAMP330G

NEW- Telescopic Channel Ramps from Stepless™ ( From:
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