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Mattress protectors

Terry cloth PU Single - fits 3' bed - 910x1900mm: MATT230 - Product code: MATT230 | Terry cloth PU Double - fits 4'7" bed - 1370x1900mm: MATT247 - Product code: MATT247 | Terry cloth PU King - fits 5' bed - 1500x2000mm: MATT250 - Product code: MATT250 | Jersey PU Single Fits 3' bed 910x1900mm: MATT530 - Product code: MATT530 | Jersey PU Double Fits 4'7" bed 1370x1900mm: MATT547 - Product code: MATT547 | Flannelette PU Single Fits 3' bed 910x1900mm: MATT630 - Product code: MATT630 | Flannelette PU Double Fits 4' 7" bed 1370x1900mm: MATT647 - Product code: MATT647

All protectors have a triple polyurethane (PU) coating, providing excellent protection against accidents and spillages, allowing your skin to breathe. The sheets are silent when you move, so your comfort is not compromised. Treated with Bio-Pruf bio stabilizers, bacterial growth, odour, and staining are discouraged. Suitable to use as sheets on their own, or as protectors beneath your normal bedding. All can be washed at 95 degrees Celsius, and will withstand regular washing.

Choose from three materials:

Terry Cloth Elas Plus

  • Recommended for clients with regular incontinence due to the superior absorbency
  • Ideal for warmer weather as the textile is lightweight
  • Made from 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • Currently available in Single, Double or Kingsize

Flannelette PU
  • Soft and warm for cold winter nights
  • 100% cotton, with superior absorbency
  • Recommended for clients with regular incontinence
  • Currently available in Single or Double

Jersey PU
  • 100% cotton, but cooler than Flannelette
  • The same super absorption is provided
  • Currently available in Single or Double

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