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Langham adjustable chair raiser

Langham adjustable chair raiser - Product code: LINK225

Designed for chairs with legs (no castors)

This complete raiser unit fits securely under the chair without the use of tools and without any modifications to the chair.

  • Adjustable in height using the inserts supplied. Chair height can be raised by 2.5”, 3.5”, or 4.5” (62, 86 and 110mm)
  • Strong wooden cross-members ensure the security and stability of the chair


  Product Minimum dimensions Maximum dimensions Height Max load
Langham adjustable chair raiser (LINK225) 510x320mm (20x12.5") 800x700mm (31.5x27.5") adjustable 62, 86 & 110mm (2.5, 3.5 & 4.5") 476kg (75st)

Langham adjustable chair raiser ( From:
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