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Heel Pad

Heel Pad: XSYS-P902 - Product code: XSYS-P902 | Half Heel Pad: XSYS-P904 - Product code: XSYS-P904

Sore heels in bed? Then this is the range for you…..

The Heel Pad from SYST'AM can be positioned at the bottom of the bed to relieve heel pressure; made of viscoelastic foam with a multibearing surface which shifts the pressure points from the high-risk heel areas to lower risk zones

• Specially designed to provide pressure relief
• The heel sinks into the memory foam and combined with the curved form of the pad reduces pressure peaks
• Removable cover is waterproof yet breathable with a non-slip base
• Cover also reduces friction and shear effects
• Available in 2 sizes; the Half Heel Pad enables different positions or pressure relief for each lower limb

Technical specifications:- L x W x H
Heel Pad (XSYS-P902) 73 x 64 x 10.5cm ( 29 x 25 x 4")

Half Heel Pad (XSYS-P904) 73 x 32 x 10.5cm ( 29 x 12 ½  x 4")

Heel Pad ( From:
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