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Handy Cup - Clear - Product code: CUPS906 | Handy Cup - Blue - Product code: CUPS907 | Handy Cup - Green - Product code: CUPS908 | Handy Cup - Red - Product code: CUPS909

The rim of the Handycup is angled so that a person can drink without tipping their head back to drain the cup/glass. The Handycup can be tipped beyond the point where a regular cup/glass would hit the bridge of the nose

  • Large handles to enable the use of all fingers to provide a supportive hold and grip
  • Large base prevents tipping
  • Transparent finish so that the level of contents is always visible
  • Lid with drinking spout included
  • Designed for people with weak grip and / or limited neck movement
  • Household dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Capacity 200ml
  • Choice of colours

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