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Handi-Grip® Reacher

Length 26" (660mm) Handi-Grip® Reacher - Product code: REAC926 | Length 32" (820mm) Handi-Grip® Reacher - Product code: REAC932

Imagine the effort and strain you can avoid by using a reaching aid…Designed to mimic how your finger and thumb pick things up, the Handi-Grip® jaw can rotate to enable an easier, more secure pick-up – high up or low down.

  • Unique rotating head gives maximum visibility to retrieve an object, without causing strain in the wrist
  • Robust construction for extra durability, helps with heavier lifting too
  • New improved Gripcert® jaw with extra teeth guarantees precision pick up
  • Retrieve items from high up, low down, narrow gaps or simply out of reach
  • Available in 2 lengths – 26” (660mm) or 32” (820mm)

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