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Flexyfoot Ferrule

Flexyfoot 16mm (one): FERR516 - Product code: FERR516 | Flexyfoot 19mm (one): FERR519 - Product code: FERR519 | Flexyfoot 22mm (one): FERR522 - Product code: FERR522 | Flexyfoot 25mm (one): FERR525 - Product code: FERR525 | Replacement Foot Only- One (fits any size Flexyfoot): FERR500 - Product code: FERR500

Shock-absorbing, anti-slip Flexyfoot is designed to replace the old fashioned ferrule and revolutionise walking aids; gives improved grip on all types of terrain and can ease aches and pains associated with impact on joints. Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Using patented air sprung technology to provide:

  • More grip than a standard regular ferrule- helps to reduce slips and falls and instil confidence; users comment on improved grip in the wet
  • Shock absorbency and reduced impact to reduce hand, arm and shoulder pain
  • 360 degree rotation for full support and to reduce wrist twist
  • Easy-to-clean tread designed to eliminate stones and mud, making the transition from outside to inside easy and safe. It's also quieter than standard ferrules
  • Non-marking tread
  • Slip resistant
  • Longer life than a regular ferrule
  • One supplied

Flexyfoot is available in 4 sizes to suit a variety of walking aids:-

16mm (often fit narrow canes and some folding sticks)

19mm (for sticks and some crutches)

22mm (for crutches and some sticks)

25mm (for some crutches and frames)

When the Flexyfoot "foot" or base becomes worn it can easily be renewed without replacing the whole Flexyfoot- the two piece construction means that a universal replacement foot can be used with any size. See FERR500.

Flexyfoot is easy to fit onto the base of your walking aid. First measure the diameter of your aid. You will need to shorten your aid by approximately 35mm (1.5") to accommodate the increased height your Flexyfoot adds.

Maximum user weight: 130kg

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