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Easi-Grip® Gardening Hand Tools

Easi-Grip® Trowel - Product code: PTEG601 | Easi-Grip® Fork - Product code: PTEG602 | Arm Support Cuff - Product code: PTEG603

With Easi-Grip® garden tools, the strain and discomfort on hands and wrists is taken out of gardening; suitable for all gardeners, irrespective of age or ability.

  • Ergonomically angled handle keeps the hand and wrist in a natural position
  • “Soft feel” non-slip grip prevents the tools from turning in the hand, giving a firmer grip even in wet conditions
  • The metal section is stainless steel which helps to prevent soil adhesion

For those with particularly weak hands and wrists, there is also an optional Arm Support Cuff that plugs into the rear of either the Easi-Grip® trowel or fork. This allows the strength of the forearm to be used.

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