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Dycem® yellow non-slip mats and roll

Yellow Dycem round mat 140mm (5.5"): DYCE314 - Product code: DYCE314 | Yellow Dycem round mat 190mm (7.5"): DYCE319 - Product code: DYCE319 | Yellow Dycem rectangular mat 250x180mm (10x7"): DYCE325 - Product code: DYCE325 | Yellow Dycem roll 20cm x 2m (8 x 79"): DYCE302 - Product code: DYCE302

Yellow is the most recognisable colour for the visually impaired.

These high visability yellow mats are made from original high grip Dycem® material and are ideal for stabilising bowls and plates in the kitchen and securing plates on the dining table.

If you need a large quantity Yellow Dycem® is also available in an economical roll.

  • Always grips, never sticks
  • Simply wash in soapy water
  • Lasts for years

The Dycem Mats can be seen in action on the video link below.....

Yellow Dycem® round mat 140mm dia (5.5") (DYCE314)
Yellow Dycem® round mat 190mm dia (7.5") (DYCE319)
Yellow Dycem® rectangular mat 250x180mm (10x7") (DYCE325)

Dycem® yellow non-slip mats and roll ( From:
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