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Dycem® rolls

Blue Dycem roll 0.2mx1m (8x39.5"): DYCE201 - Product code: DYCE201 | Blue Dycem roll 0.2mx2m (8x78.75"): DYCE202 - Product code: DYCE202 | Blue Dycem roll 0.2mx9m (8x354.5"): DYCE209 - Product code: DYCE209 | Blue Dycem roll 0.4mx1m (16x39.5"): DYCE401 - Product code: DYCE401 | Blue Dycem roll 0.4mx2m (16x78.75"): DYCE402 - Product code: DYCE402 | Blue Dycem roll 0.4mx9m (16x354.5"): DYCE409 - Product code: DYCE409

Cut to any size. Provides immense grip on dry slippery surfaces such as tables, worktops and dinner trays. Tough enough to withstand years of use, and easy to wash in warm soapy water.

Dycem® rolls ( From:
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