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Doorstep Ramp Kits

Product code: EXKIT

These newly launched Ramp Kits can easily be assembled to fit beside a door opening, and you can still close the door without removing the ramp. We can help you to select the most appropriate Kit for your requirements.

  • 4 height ranges available accommodating steps up to a maximum of 16cm (approx 6"); a Kit is selected according to the height of your doorstep
  • 2 widths available - either 75cm or 100cm
  • Select the kit specifically for indoor or outdoor use
  • Outdoor kits include special 'SlipStop' anti-slip technology to absolutely minimise the potential of slippage in wet weather conditions
  • Easy to install - semi assembled on delivery
  • Lightweight
  • Non-slip surface on all kits
  • Adjustable to fit exact height
  • Everything required is supplied in one kit

Help us to determine the Kit you need:

Measure the height of the step where you intend to use the Ramp Kit and ring us to help you select the most appropriate Kit for your requirements. We can then provide a quote for you.

We will need to know:

  • The exact height of the step where the kit will be located (preferably in cm)
  • Whether that location is indoors or outdoors
  • Whether you require a 75cm or 100cm width to the ramp

Depending on your requirements, prices range from £115.00 excluding VAT to over £1000.00 excluding VAT.

Doorstep Ramp Kits ( From:
Regular price £138.00
Regular price Sale price £115.00

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