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Doorline-Bridge Maximum Height 4cm - Product code: RAMP9-DB4 | Doorline-Bridge Maximum Height 6cm - Product code: RAMP9-DB6 | Doorline-Bridge Maximum Height 8cm - Product code: RAMP9-DB8 | Doorline-Bridge Maximum Height 10cm - Product code: RAMP9-DB10

Designed to position over door thresholds

  • Anodised aluminium finish prevents stains and corrosion
  • Excellent grip surface
  • Lightweight with convenient carrying holes
  • Available in 4 height choices to accommodate the door threshold with a maximum height of either 4cm, 6cm. 8cm or 10cm.

Technical Specifications (please note the most precise measurements are in cm, with an approximate inch measurement equivalent shown in brackets):-

Product Code RAMP9-DB4:-
Maximum Height 4cm (1.6")
Length 56cm (22")
Width 70cm (approx 28")
Product Weight 3.3kg (7lb)
Maximum Load 300kg (661lb).

Product Code RAMP9-DB6:-
Maximum Height 6cm (2.4")
Length 60cm (23")
Width 70cm (approx 28")
Product Weight 4kg (9lb)
Maximum Load 300kg (661lb)

Product Coded RAMP9-DB8:-
Maxiumum Height 8cm (3.1")
Length 81cm (32")
Width 70cm (approx 28")
Product Weight 6.8kg (15lbs)
Maximum Load 300kg (661lb)

Product Code RAMP9-DB10:-
Maximum Height 10cm (3.9")
Length 100cm (39")
Width 70cm (approx 28")
Product weight 8.4kg (19lbs)
Maximum Load 300kg (661lb)

Doorline-Bridge ( From:
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