Walking Sticks

Measuring the correct length for a walking stick

A correctly measured stick enables the user to maintain an upright posture with the elbow slightly bent.

Body weight is taken through the stick as the user pushes down on it when walking.
Using a walking stick of the correct height is imperative.

When measuring the length of stick required, asking someone to assist will make it much easier. The person measuring should rest the handle of the stick on the floor, whilst holding the stick upright at the side of the user. The user should keep their arm relaxed by their side. The stick should then be adjusted or trimmed to the crease of the wrist.

Alternatively, the person measuring could measure the distance from the floor to the crease in the wrist with a tape measure to provide guidance on the length of stick required.

Where two walking sticks are needed, the length should be slightly longer as they will be used ahead of the body when walking.