How do I choose a pillow from your range?

As you will appreciate, a pillow is a very individual choice. All of the pillows in our range are designed towards relieving symptoms such as neck pain and discomfort, and aim to enhance the quality of your sleep.

If you tend to sleep on your back mainly, then the feedback I have received on the Systam ergonomic pillow has been very positive (PLLW904); it offers two degrees of support ensuring comfort and support where needed, and also facilitates efficient breathing which has relieved snoring for some customers.

Visco memory foam pillows tend to be favoured if you prefer to sleep on your side; the (PLLW921) royal size is single pillow height, and (PLLW922) King size is for double pillow height or if you are broader in the shoulder. The pillow continuously readjusts as you sleep, automatically cradling your head, and supporting your neck. We have stocked this pillow for many years, and continue to receive excellent feedback. Many of our own staff sleep on this pillow type.