Adjustable Beds Explained

Bakare, who supply the adjustable beds we distribute, have provided some useful guidelines on buying, and understanding, adjustable beds.

Selecting the correct adjustable bed can be a difficult and arduous decision. With a variety of designs, functions, features and styles it is no wonder many people find it a bewildering choice. 

Are adjustable beds exempt from VAT?

If an adjustable bed conforms to BS EN 60601-2-52 (as Bakare beds do), and the bed is for use by and invoiced to a disabled person, then the person is exempt from VAT.

Do I need any additional equipment to operate an adjustable bed?

All beds within the Bakare range are electrically operated via a supplied handset and all work from a standard electrical socket.

Surge protectors and circuit breakers are all contained within the beds' motors and are therefore not required as additional items.

Side rails and adjustable beds.

Integrated side rails compliment many care beds. These side rails can help prevent users from falling from the bed involuntarily and can be used as an aid to maximise the users mobility. The Prestige Quad Plus features split side rails, that move in line with the lying surface. There is a gap between the side rails on each side of the bed, providing a care bed that is classified as non-restraining. The major benefit with this type of arrangement is that, unlike full length side rails, users can still be protected from falling out of bed, even when in a sitting position.

What does "comfort positioning" mean?

 It means the bed can be manoeuvred into the "comfort" or "chair position"; this position is ideal if you wish to eat, drink, read, or watch television in bed.

What is anti-stomach compression?

An anti-stomach compression system provides additional comfort and ease of use. When the back section of the bed is raised, it's design allows it to 'slide' up and backwards along special runners, towards the head end of the bed. This movement ensures that the user is not pivoted or folded in the waist area, leading to a far more comfortable relaxed period of time in bed. A particular benefit is that it also alleviates the problems of people sliding to the foot end of the bed when operating the back rest to the sit up position.

What is meant by 'profiling'?

A profiling bed, with four profiling sections, allows you to sit up in bed or raise your feet at the touch of a button. Powered by a motor underneath the mattress surface, each section of the bed can be positioned independently to enable the user to achieve an infinite amount of positions, which help to maximise comfort and provide the prerequisite for relaxation and a great nights sleep.

What safety standard should adjustable beds adhere to?

All products sold within Europe must be CE marked and adjustable beds designed for the care market must adhere to stringent standards to achieve this.

All adjustable beds must meet the standard BS EN 60601-2-52.

Rest assured that all adjustable beds within the Bakare range comply with all of these standards.

Will an adjustable bed benefit me?

Profiling and height adjustable beds assist with a variety of medical conditions and have been found to provide relief from arthritis, rheumatism, and common back complaints as well as situations where a higher level of care is required.

We all find comfort in slightly different positions and with an adjustable bed there are an infinite variety of positions available. The ability to achieve the position for each individuals comfort is an obvious benefit to maximising the time spent in bed for rest and recuperation.